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Fashion spring hair, proposals of stylists and hairdressers: For spring hair fashion, we saw the new cuts and hairstyles proposed by designers on the catwalk. Models with straight hair with a row in the middle, cut to break or slightly scaled. The hair color ranged from blond to brown to mahogany and black. Instead, the models of some French designers wore longer hair, smooth with the side row made with a zigzag movement or slightly moved with a row in the middle and also with a smooth bob of medium length. Other designers chose for their models a hairstyle that included straight hair pulled back and voluminous tuft with center or side row. These are, however, just some of the designers' proposals. For this spring hair fashion the cuts will therefore be of medium length, those who love the long hair will be satisfied by the new proposals and can vary hairstyles by choosing a straight and long fringe or a side rebel tuft or wearing the hair moved and smooth according to the preferences of the moment. The must try, however, is the braided hairstyle that goes from the classic braid that descends on the back to the braid carried to the side up to more elaborate hairstyles made of braids and smaller braids. There are also many VIPs who have chosen to wear the braid. If you would like to stay up to date on the spring hair fashion proposals, click the Follow button above the article title.

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